Every year, we hold an AGM (Annual General Meeting) to elect a new committee for the year, which usually takes place in February or early March. It is a great opportunity to get involved with your local alumni and Japanese community, and is open to all past participants of JET, no matter when you were on JET.

Our AGM is generally held early in the year. Check our social media channels (join us on Facebook!). We also announce the date by newsletter, so subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

The rules for how an AGM is run can be found in our charter.


The President represents JETAA NSW at official functions and correspondences. The Presidency would be suited to someone organised, sociable, enthusiastic and if needs be, a problem-solver and provide support where needed. Duties include:

  • Represent JETAA NSW at functions
  • Liaise with the Consulate, CLAIR and other chapters
  • Chair monthly meetings
  • Oversee the running of the Chapter
  • Any other duties required


The Vice President serves in place of the President in their absence. They will support other members of the Executive as needed and fulfil the objectives of JETAA NSW as required.


The Secretary supports the running and function of the chapter proceedings, and helps in the organisation of meetings. Suits an organised, diligent and responsible individual. Duties include:

  • Take minutes at monthly meetings
  • Makes necessary communications with the Executive
  • Any other duties required


The Treasurer oversees the budget and funding of JETAA NSW events. This suits a candidate who is responsible, organised and of course, accountable. Duties include:

  • Overseeing the budget
  • Organise budgetary reports to the Consulate / CLAIR
  • Organise reimbursements
  • Any other duties required


The Webmaster will maintain and update the JETAA NSW website. This position is ideal for someone with the technical knowledge to maintain and improve the online presence of JETAA NSW.

  • Maintain the JETAA NSW website
  • Advising the Executive on technical matters
  • Onboarding new members of the Executive onto JETAA NSW online communication platforms


The Communications Officer shall promote JETAA NSW events through email newsletters. They will be responsible for sending the newsletter in a timely manner and maintaining the database of subscribers. Other duties include:

  • Create and send the JETAA NSW newsletter to subscribers
  • Coordinate with the committee to publicise JETAA NSW events
  • Maintaining contact with JET participants and alumni


The Social Media Coordinator will update and maintain the various social media platforms of JETAA NSW. They will update social media channels to publicise JETAA NSW events and cross-promote events hosted by JETAA NSW partners.

  • Update social media channels to promote JETAA NSW and Japan related events
  • Engage and connect with JETAA NSW members through social media


The Event Coordinator is responsible for organising JETAA NSW events – booking, hiring etc. Suits someone who is dependable, organised, enthusiastic, and professional.

  • Organise the booking of venues, purchase of materials, catering, invitations and tracking of RSVPs
  • Coordinate with the events team to promote the event as required


A generalist role and perfect for the candidate who would like to get involved but isn’t sure what they would like to specialise in. As always, an enthusiastic, dependable candidate is ideal. There is no limit to the number of general members a committee may have. General Committee Members have the opportunity to train and develop for other roles in the Executive.

  • Assists other members of the Executive as necessary
  • Any other duties required


Outside of the core committee roles, sometimes a new role may be created in response to need or decision of the committee, for example Alumni Relations Officer. The responsibilities will then be set and decided between the committee and the person who will step into the role.